March 19, 2020 to March 29, 2020
Tumaini, Swahiba, Acres of Hope
Visiting all three African partners to see firsthand the ways they are serving the vulnerable in their communities.


We are planning to first go to Acres of Hope in Uganda. Next we will drive to Western Kenya to visit Tumaini Miles of Smiles. We will stop in for a brief visit to one of our aquaponics projects in Western Kenya, as well. We will then fly to Nairobi to visit Swahiba Networks. Finally, there will be an option for a two-day safari at the Masai Mara National Reserve. The dates for the project are March 19-29th if you are NOT planning to go on the safari and March 19-April 1st if you ARE planning to go on the safari. The safari will cost $500-600 in addition to the project cost. The actual project will cost $1600 plus I am estimating around $2900-$3000 without the safari.

It will be an action-packed time, for sure! Lots of travel and a few days visiting with each partner --Geoffrey, Rose, and Peter, respectively.

Here is a link to some basic training material that 127 has put together as you prepare. We will also plan to have two conference calls before our departure date to discuss details provide education on some of the unique distinctives of 127 Worldwide.

Your vaccinations are not included in the price of the project. The Center for Disease Control website has great information, but don’t let it freak you out. Here is the link for Uganda from CDC. The yellow fever vaccine is required to return to the States from Uganda. You will need to keep proof of the vaccination on your person. The vaccine lasts for ten years. It is recommended that you are up to date on MMR and tetanus. I would also get the typhoid vaccine, and malaria prevention. Usually, malaria meds are started a few days before departure, taken daily while in Uganda, and continued for a while upon returning to the States. The best malaria preventions are Malarone or Doxycycline - don’t use Larium for malaria. It has terrible side effects. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you and any other medications you may be taking. If you have started the Hepatitis sequence, then I would go ahead and finish it. If you have any questions about vaccines, then feel free to reach out to me.

We are keeping an eye on the current climate of political and terrorist activity. We will continue to stay in the know and will make wise decisions moving forward.

Here are some things that you can be doing now as you are prayerfully considering joining us.

• Pray for our team. Even if you are still deciding about the project, PRAY for us.

• Everyone needs a current passport. In fact, your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after your departure date. Yes, they are strict about this. and no, you cannot sweet-talk your way out of it. If you do not have one, please apply as soon as possible. It is taking approximately 4 weeks right now to apply and receive a passport.

• Read through the links that I provided above.

• Feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns.

• Once you have committed to the team, hit reply all and introduce yourself to the rest of the team and explain how you have gotten tangled up in the 127 Worldwide web.