Writing Specifications


We are looking for gospel centered articles that focus in some way on one of our four pillars: Go, Speak, Invest, Empower. It can be serious, creative, or humorous; we just ask that it be scripture driven with a challenge to the reader. Make sure to have a clear theme for your article that you mention within the first couple of paragraphs. 


Word Count

Please keep your posts between 750-1000 words



Quality content is important to us, so we will edit all articles before they are published. We will send your edited article to you before we publish it. We may also make grammar edits so that all of our articles are uniform. Here are a few items you can watch for as you are writing: 

  • Avoid passive voice as much as possible.
  • Use contractions (e.g. I’m instead of I am). It makes the post relatable and easier to read. 
  • Only capitalize proper nouns (e.g. God is “he” not “He,” “biblical” not “Biblical”). 
  • Use the Oxford comma (comma following the second to last item).
  • Eliminate unnecessary words and sentences as much as possible.
  • Vary the length of your sentences. 
  • Please limit the use of bold and italicized words. 



We will send you an email with the deadline to submit your article. You will receive an edited version back within two weeks along with an estimated date of publication. 



Please include a short bio about yourself along with a photo that we can include with the article.


Social Media

We will post your article on all of our social media outlets and would appreciate you sharing it and encouraging others to do so.