What Does She Look Like?

Written by: Christy Britton 


I see a woman. She has her dreams and ideas of how to use her education. She has a 5-year plan, and a 10-year plan. She knows what she wants and she can see it, just a little out of her reach, but surely, coming her way. But God sees her, too. God sees her and wants to bless her by giving her His plan and His dreams. God sends her all over the world, exposing her to the injustice inflicted on the world’s most vulnerable: the orphan, the widow, and the refugee. God wants her to see what He sees, to desire what He desires, to do what He does. He teaches her through His Word what His desire is for His people and this world. God wants her to be a justice seeker. He transforms her own plans, showing her a plan that involves a life of obedience to His Word, of taking care of orphans and widows. She soaks up His vision for her life. She steps out in faith on His path. She is terrified. She is trusting. She is dependent on Him to accomplish His plans for her and through her. She starts a nonprofit, 127 Worldwide, to facilitate her obedience to God. She brings people to her friends around the world to show them what God has shown her. She encourages them when they return home to become a voice for the voiceless in their own communities. She speaks to people, individually at coffee shops and corporately at conferences, asking them to walk alongside of their brothers and sisters worldwide, going and giving and praying, so that they might make disciples among the vulnerable. She empowers people around the world to make disciples as they take care of orphans and widows. She speaks, she raises money, she travels, she inspires. She is simply obedient.

I see another woman. She’s a grandmother. She works full-time. She serves faithfully at her local church. She disciples younger women. She��s happy and busy and is not looking for her world to be changed. But God sees her. He wants to use her to bless His people in a different country. So she takes 2 weeks off of work and time away from her precious family to travel to Africa with 127 Worldwide. She sits with orphans and tells them of Jesus. She listens to widows share their stories as she hugs them. She sings songs and plays games with children. She washes the feet of children living in the slums, she speaks to students at a local trade school, encouraging them. She visits widows in their tiny huts, bringing them a mattress to sleep on, and prays with them. She returns home to her family and her schedule, but her heart is different. She loves her family fiercely, but God has expanded her capacity to love to include vulnerable orphans and widows living in the slums, and in children’s homes, and grass huts in Africa. She seeks justice for these people she loves, these people that God loves. She tells anyone who will listen about her African family and the needs they have. She is simply obedient.

I see a woman. She’s beautiful and lovely and a newlywed. She wants to go to Africa to visit orphans and widows and see what God is doing, however she’s afraid to fly. But God sees her in her weakness and magnifies His strength in her and takes her across oceans. He shows her the injustice towards young women without fathers or husbands to protect them from evil men. He shows her a toddler at a children’s home who needs food and medicine. He gives her a new friend in a young woman living and working in the slums. He shows her true poverty as she visits homes in the slums. She returns home to her husband. She speaks and writes of her experience. She volunteers her time with 127 Worldwide. She gives. She prays. She seeks justice. She is simply obedient.

What does a justice seeker look like? Is she an inspiring speaker, a blogger with tons of followers, a lawyer who defends the weak, a wealthy person who writes big checks to help others? Yes, and if you are one of those wealthy folks, please consider writing one of those big checks to 127 Worldwide!! Is she the executive director of a nonprofit, a grandmother, or a newlywed? Yes. She’s also a college student, a stay-at-home mom, a nurse, a teacher, a farmer’s wife, and the lady who goes to the local church that isn’t involved in orphan care and doesn’t support missions outside of the Cooperative Program but can’t sit idly by anymore. What does a justice seeker look like? She looks like the girl who loves because Christ loved her enough to die on the cross for her sins. She looks like the girl who gives because God loved her so much He gave His Son for her. She looks like the girl who goes to others because God sent His Son to come to her. She looks like the girl who advocates, because Christ is her advocate. She looks like the girl who makes disciples, because God made a disciple out of her. She looks like the girl who cares for orphans because she was once an orphan, but God adopted her into His family. This is what she looks like. I see her, oh I see her! Do you see her? Maybe she looks like you.