From Grass to Grace

Check out some thoughts from Christy Britton about her unexpected encounter with a new Ugandan friend.  Christy is a wife, mom of 4 boys, and a justice seeker who lives in Wake Forest, NC.

Yesterday Sara Beth brought Prossy, a Ugandan Christian visiting the US, over to my house for dinner (hang out with Sara Beth long enough and this sort of thing becomes the norm!). She loves Cajun food and this Louisiana girl was all too happy to serve up some jambalaya! We were joined by Kim Humphrey, fellow orphan advocate, and Joy Price, my neighbor who had met Prossy last year on a trip to Uganda. Five women were gathered around my table, all in different stages of life, sharing a meal and talking about our journeys with the Lord. My heart was full – basking in the glory of God displayed in my tiny kitchen!

While Prossy was sharing her story, I was reminded of something that always comes to mind when I meet Christians from Kenya and Uganda; they are consumed with serving God and taking care of others. I can’t help but contrast this with my own life where I spend so much of my time just trying to take care of my own family. They radiate joy; their beautiful dark skin is only a precursor to the beauty that shines from within them. Prossy is an ambassador for Christ. As I sat across from her at the table, I could literally feel God’s pleasure with her as she shared of His faithfulness in her difficult life. She told us about growing up in a rural village in Uganda, losing both her parents in the same year to AIDS at the age of 12, having no extended family capable of caring for them, and of her and her 3 siblings struggling to survive.

She told us how, as an orphan, she received sponsorship to go to school by the Bowman family living in Wake Forest, NC. She was able to go to university as well and as soon as she graduated, her first thought was, “how can I use my degree to serve God?” God connects and uses the global Church for His glory. It is nothing short of awesome to think of God using a family in North Carolina to sponsor a girl living in Uganda to go to school. Then, it is overwhelming to see that girl rise out of poverty and become a missionary! Did I mention she is staying with the Bowman family while in Wake Forest?  What adventure awaits when we follow Him! She told of believers connecting her to other believers who helped her, of the Lord providing a husband, and of her obedience to work with a Ugandan orphan ministry which the Lord told her to do after a month of prayer and fasting. Repeatedly she said, “I am so happy because I am serving God!” Oh, that I might find such simple joy in obedience and service to my God. Prossy has been in the US for 6 months traveling with the Daraja Children’s Choir and sharing the gospel with Americans while her husband remains in Uganda. I said, “that must be tough being away from your husband for so long.” She said, “nothing is tough about serving the Lord.” I have much to learn from my Ugandan sister.

Prossy is a young woman who lives for the Lord. She depends on Him; her joy is in Him. She tells anyone who will listen about Him. You can see Jesus in her. Do we acknowledge God as the giver of all our good gifts, talents, and resources? Do we seek Him through prayer and fasting about how He desires us to use those good gifts for His glory? Do we share His grace in our lives with anyone who will listen? Do we serve joyfully? Do we find our joy in obedience to God? Do we see God as our good Father in the midst of difficult circumstances? Prossy could answer YES to all these questions by God’s grace. She says her story could be titled, “from grass to grace.” What could your story be titled?