127 Current Events

On a slightly chilly day in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, I found myself squatting down to my knees on the hard, concrete floor of the Swahiba Networks office. I had been in that position for a while and my knees and back ached. Regardless of the discomfort of my body, I wore a radiant […]

After four short-term mission projects to Kenya, there are some truths I’m reminded of each time. I’m reminded of the power of burying scripture in your heart and mind, so the Holy Spirit can use you to speak the Word of God to someone else. I’m reminded of the sovereignty of God and how in […]

If you find yourself deep in the interior of western Kenya, you’ll come across the very small town of Malava. In Malava, if you travel down one very long and bumpy dirt road, you will see Tumaini Miles of Smiles Children’s Home. Tumaini is the Swahili word for hope and it offers just that to […]

God’s Word is very clear on our role in justice. We’re simply told to seek it and to do it. We’re also told that God will equip us with everything good for doing His will. This is the story of how God equipped one man to be obedient to His commands and made a justice […]

When I first met Mia Russo, I quickly noticed her desire to help the vulnerable and voiceless. While many other 10th graders might spend their Saturday mornings sleeping in, she was volunteering for an event to help a local pregnancy center. After spending a few minutes talking to her and hearing her story, she explained […]