12 Hours in Haiti

Give now to Hurricane Matthew Haiti relief through 127 Worldwide at the link below:  

Hurricane Matthew Relief in Jeremie, Haiti

Dear Friends of 127 Worldwide,

Our hearts are breaking. The eye of Hurricane Matthew passed almost directly over our partners in  Jeremie, Haiti.  Matthew was (and still is) an immense storm, with winds measured over 140MPH. A storm of this size moves slowly. For nearly 12 hours the wind and rain battered Jeremie, uprooting trees, tearing off roofs, and collapsing all but the most stable of buildings.  Matthew is estimated to have dumped between 12 and 24” of water on the area.  To put that in perspective, about 15” of rain in 48 hours caused massive devastation in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Through all of this, we are extremely grateful to God for His protection of the children, staff, and families of church members as we get the initial reports back from Haiti.

However, we are deeply concerned about the bleak outlook in the aftermath of Matthew.  An estimated 75% of vegetation and livestock is gone, and all of their food supply has been looted or simply washed away. The last note I saw said the children have about 3 days supply of food on hand. While relief efforts are underway, mudslides and storm damage have increased the usual travel time to Les Cayes from 2-3 hours to 12 hours by motorcycle. Any food, water, or medical supplies will have to come to Jeremie via the road to Les Cayes or flown into their small airport.

Like many of you, my instincts say fly down and get to work – my experience reminds me a relief team would likely only hinder our partners as they serve their community. People are desperate for food and help and our team would only be more mouths to feed.

So how can we help? This question has been pressing on me for days. The answer is clear.

Today, we PRAY and GIVE.

  • Pray and give thanks to God for his protection over the children our partners serve in Jeremie. 
  • Pray for physical provision – food supply, bottled water, medical supplies, etc. – to be quickly and safely delivered to the children, families, and the general population of Jeremie. 
  • Pray God would be glorified as the local pastors and staff care for the vast needs of the people and that they may have the strength, endurance, and compassion to serve their community with excellence.
  • Pray the children and the church families would be encouraged during these bleak times, trusting God to provide and having hope in Him through the obedience and generosity of God’s people in America and elsewhere. 

As of Tuesday’s report, the children have less than three days of food on hand. This heart-wrenching devastation demands immediate action. While I can’t be there in person for now, I can dedicate a week’s worth of my monthly food budget to enable our partners to source food and resources they need to care for others. I challenge you to do the same. Whatever you spend on food for a week (including eating out!), give that amount as a gift today.

Give now to Hurricane Matthew Haiti relief through 127 Worldwide:  

Hurricane Matthew Relief in Jeremie, Haiti

Like many of you, I still long to be there in person.  As soon as our partners in ministry are ready for us to send a relief team, we will organize one and communicate the details.  Until then, keep praying and keep giving.